Well Read & Well Traveled Retreat Invites Mocha Girls Read (Host Emani Glee)


Apr 18 - 23 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 am


, Atlanta, GA, us
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Inspired by best-selling novel, Before I Let Go, The Well Read + Well Traveled Retreat will take you on a journey of hope and healing with other readers who need a space to learn ways to cope after loss.

Read during a time where the loss of a loved one was fresh, your **host Emani Glee**, will curate a space for readers to explore the depths of their own grief, but also what it means to find the light on the other side.

In Before I Let Go, award-winning author, Kennedy Ryan, handled heavy themes of grief and depression with immense care and intention that was validating for every reader who has experienced loss.

While the loss the characters experienced may be different than your own, grief has no boundaries.

It is with this knowing in mind, the healing we seek to reduce the aching in our hearts and minds can be found in activities that we may have never considered.

Together we will explore a variety of ways to take care of ourselves after loss, while connecting with other readers in community to uplift and empower each other as we learn to navigate life’s ebbs and flows.

In an interview, Kennedy said she wanted the book to balance grief and joy, so although we’re dealing with heavy topics, there will be lots of fun and laughs too!

***All Mocha Girls Read Members can receive $250 off their booking by using the discount code ***MOCHAGIRLSREAD*** until 9/11/2023***

Click this link for further details:://omnoire.com/pages/emaniglee

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Mocha Girl Alysia

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Founder of Mocha Girls Read book club. But basically, just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me. If you add a cup of green tea with lemon and honey I will be overjoyed.
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