Mocha Girls Read Wellness & Books Retreat 2024


Aug 30 2024


10:00 pm - 12:00 am


CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa
37220 Mule Train Rd, Carefree, AZ, us
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**Ready to take a well-deserved break and recharge your soul?**

We have just the thing for you! **Introducing the Wellness + Books 3-day event at CIVANA resort, where you can relax, regroup, and indulge in a blissful getaway.** Get ready for an incredible combination of books, yoga, clean eating, meditation, and so much more! Immerse yourself in the world of literature as you cozy up with captivating books by poolside during Silent Reading Time.

Engage in **invigorating yoga sessions** led by experienced instructors who will help you find your inner balance regardless of your experience. **Treat your taste buds to nourishing clean and healthy meals that will leave you feeling refreshed from within**. And let **meditation guide you to a state of pure tranquility**. *This is YOUR time to unwind and embrace self-care like never before.*

* **Dates:** August 30th- September 3, 2024
* **Location:** Arizona USA
* **Group Size**: 50 Guest Max **(This event is first come first served)**
* **Deadline:** Reserve your spot by June 1st, 2024

***Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.***

***Please visit the website below to review the price and further details***

**Reserve your spot at the Wellness + Books 3-day event now!**
MGR Wellness + Books ( (–books-3541)

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Mocha Girl Alysia

Founder / President at Mocha Girls Read
Founder of Mocha Girls Read book club. But basically, just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me. If you add a cup of green tea with lemon and honey I will be overjoyed.
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