10th Annual Donation Day


Jun 15 - 16 2024


9:00 am - 9:00 am


Online / Your Home
123 Main St, Los Angeles, ca, us
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Mocha Girls please read:
We are going to have a “one-day donation drive” by all Mocha Girls Read chapters. The goal is to raise money to keep Mocha Girls Read book club free to all members. Our goal this year is $8,500.00!

Donations of any amount are accepted.

To make a donation

1. Go to the Mocha Girls Read website ( https://mochagirlsread.com ) and click the DONATE button on the home page or scan the QR code.
2. It will take you to a Paypal page.

This year we will be giving a prize to the highest single donor.

All $$ goes straight to the Mocha Girls Read account to cover the cost for our Meetup page, our website, and our growing admin expenses.

Here is the list of yearly MGR expenses.

• $200.00 (yearly) for Meetup.com x 14 chapters = $2,400.00 a year
• $25.00 (a month) for website security for mochagirlsread.com because the site was hacked twice and I didn’t want it to happen again. =$300.00 a year
• $23.88 (a year) for the website back up
• $1,908.00 (a year) for bookkeeper
• About $25.00 (a month) in shipping cost of some of the giveaway gifts and books to winners =$300.00
• IT, hosting for the domain name and website services charges = $3000.00 a year
• Preview Subscription for the IG account= $149.99 (a year)
• Book Brush to make the beautiful images of our books each month = $89.00 (a year)
• IFTTT to post items from one social media account to another= $24.00 (a year)
• Mailchimp for our monthly newsletters and emails = $1080.00 (a year)
• Starry for the internet = $600 (a year)
• Zoom = $502.00 (a year)
• Legal Zoom to keep our 5013c status on good standing with taxes= $152.00 (a year)
• Mail.com for email transfer fee = $96.00 (a year)
• Amazon Prime for sending giveaways free and fast = $119 (a year)

Grand Total = $8,543.87 (about $610.27 per chapter a year)

As many of you may know we are now a 5013(c) status. So your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Donations can be made ALL year long. This is just our BIG push to get the upcoming bills paid.

Thank you all in advance for making Mocha Girls Read book club amazing.

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