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Welcome to Mocha Girls Read book club. Mocha Girls Read is a book club for Black women who love to read, want to read more and meet like-minded women. We are here to inspire women to read, share literature, fellowship, and encourage others in the joy of reading. We meet monthly in 14 cities across the US. We are an eclectic group of women and so are our reading selections. We don’t limit our reading to release dates, gender, race, or genre.  So glad you’re here!


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March 2024 Monthly Book Selection: A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum

7 days of nominations! 7 days of voting!

And now we have a winner for our March Monthly Book Selection.

The Mocha Girl Read March 2024 Monthly Book Selection is A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum. Take a minute to see what this book is all about.

“Where I come from, we’ve learned to silence ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence will save us. Where I come from, we keep these stories to ourselves. To tell them to the outside world is unheard ofdangerous, the ultimate shame.”

Palestine, 1990. Seventeen-year-old Isra prefers reading books to entertaining the suitors her father has chosen for her. Over the course of a week, the naïve and dreamy girl finds herself quickly betrothed and married, and is soon living in Brooklyn. There Isra struggles to adapt to the expectations of her oppressive mother-in-law Fareeda and strange new husband Adam, a pressure that intensifies as she begins to have children—four daughters instead of the sons Fareeda tells Isra she must bear.

Brooklyn, 2008. Eighteen-year-old Deya, Isra’s oldest daughter, must meet with potential husbands at her grandmother Fareeda’s insistence, though her only desire is to go to college. Deya can’t help but wonder if her options would have been different had her parents survived the car crash that killed them when Deya was only eight. But her grandmother is firm on the matter: the only way to secure a worthy future for Deya is through marriage to the right man.

But fate has a will of its own, and soon Deya will find herself on an unexpected path that leads her to shocking truths about her family—knowledge that will force her to question everything she thought she knew about her parents, the past, and her own future.


Etaf Rum is a Palestinian-American New York Times Bestselling author. Her debut novel, “A Woman Is No Man,” garnered attention as a Today Show Read with Jenna Pick, marking the beginning of her literary acclaim. With her latest novel, “Evil Eye,” recognized as an NPR Best Book of the Year, Etaf Rum solidifies her position as a leading voice in literary fiction that transcends continents and histories.

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Feel free to leave comments below or at We are looking forward to hearing what you all think of this month’s selection.

Giveaway: BIG WISH Giveaway Hop 02/16-02/29/2024

Welcome to the Big Wish Giveaway Hop hosted by Mama The Fox. This hop runs from 9:00 AM ET on February 16, 2024, through February 29, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET. The winner will be selected on March 1, 2024.


Mocha Girls Read is pleased to offer the following prize:

  • One (1) print copy of 4 The Record: The Memories & Music of My Life by Charita Brittenum.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States. Void where prohibited by law. (Please check your SPAM/Junk email folder periodically so that you can respond to “you’ve won” emails from the author/publisher/Mocha Girls Read.)



4 THE RECORD: THE MEMORIES & MUSIC OF MY LIFE by Charita Brittenum book cover featuring a photo of a smiling older Black female with shoulder-length gray hair in two-strand twists, red eyeglasses, a red jacket and white top in front of record memorabilia in the background4 The Record: The Memories & Music of My Life by Charita Brittenum

4 The Record: The Memories & Music of my Life is the debut memoir from Author Charita Brittenum, an award-winning 30+ year veteran in the music industry comes her memoir about family, love, loss, friends, including experiencing physical abuse at a young age and her hustle to get into a male-dominated field. Charita has always loved music and fashion and somehow she knew her destiny would take her life to one or both of those industries.

In 4 The Record, Charita opens up about being a single mother while working in the music industry, traveling for work, and being away often from her daughter after being divorced for the past 20 years. Come along with Charita on her journey through life and the life of so many others including artists that she works closely with everyday to ensure they receive #1 records and win major awards.


To enter this giveaway, use the Rafflecopter form below or click here. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States. NOTE: Any entry not providing all requested information will be disqualified! All entries from non-US residents will be disqualified. Void where prohibited by law.

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Please visit these other Big Wish Giveaway Hop participants for more chances to win!


Book Tour Tuesday: False Haven by Rebecca Rook

Every week we will introduce to you a new book from various book tour companies. This week’s selection comes from Xpresso Book Tours.

Xpresso Book Tours is run by Giselle of Xpresso Reads. She has been part of the blogging community since September 2011 and launched Xpresso Book Tours in October 2012. Currently, Xpresso Book Tours has successfully completed over 800 blog tours and 3,000 promotional events.

This way we get to find out about new books, discover hidden gems, and explore different genres. It’s an opportunity to broaden our literary horizons and dive into captivating narratives crafted by talented authors. Plus, the authors themselves benefit from reaching a wider audience, gaining recognition, and fostering a vibrant literary community. In essence, it’s a truly advantageous and mutually beneficial arrangement – a true win-win kind of situation. And let’s not forget the cherry on top of the bookish cake – the thrilling giveaway awaiting at the end. I mean, who doesn’t adore the chance to win a coveted book or literary treasure? It’s like receiving a little touch of magic, a gift that nourishes our love for literature and fuels our excitement to embark on new reading journeys. So, embrace the joy of discovering captivating books, connecting with talented authors, and indulging in the thrill of a wonderful giveaway experience!

False Haven
Rebecca Rook
Publication date: February 13th 2024
Genres: Horror, Young Adult

False Haven is a young adult horror novel for fans of Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, Asylum by Madeleine Roux, and Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff.

Seventeen-year-old Vivienne Barston’s life has fallen apart.

With her mother recently dead, her father disappears into his grief – leaving Viv to deal with her sadness and anger alone. Viv turns to destructive behaviors like petty vandalism, but after a disturbing stint in a juvenile detention center frightens her, Viv agrees to a court mandated service opportunity designed to expunge her record. The deal: work for six weeks with a trail conservation crew in the rural woods of southern Oregon, and she’ll be free with a clean slate.

She knows it’s her last chance to fix her life.

When Viv arrives at the small town of Hard Luck, Oregon, she meets her motley crewmates, all with troubles of their own. The unusual group travels to Grafton Stake, a remote and derelict former asylum with a haunted history–and now Viv must face the ghosts of the past while fighting for her future.

Don’t miss this inventive horror novel where Holes meets The Haunting of Hill House!

Goodreads / Amazon


The Huntsmen had arrived.

They were all large, dressed in furs, leathers, and thick boots. The men had thick beards and braids; the women either wore braids or had shorn hair. All of them wore armor of some kind, with runic designs upon their crests. Ghost green flames danced and kissed across their skin. As Valentine watched, she saw that their skin flickered and faded in the moonlight, alternately translucent and opaque. During the translucent phases, she saw their skeletons underneath.

She shivered.

Then, beyond the Huntsmen, she saw the mounts.

They were stunning.

Each horse shimmered, dressed in golds and silvers, blues and violets, coppers and moonlight. They were enormous, with hooves the size of dinner plates and lush manes that draped across the starlit skin. Valentine watched as they huffed, stamped their feet, and half-reared. They were ready, she could tell. They wanted to hunt, to chase.

She heard Malcolm’s prosaic voice in her head. Choose the smallest mount.

Valentine scanned the herd. There.

The smallest mount glowed like a golden fire in the moonlight, with a silver mane. Compared to the others, this one was dainty, almost delicate. Valentine cast a quick glance at the Huntsmen, then started forward, crouching low to avoid notice. As she moved forward, she draped the bridle over her shoulder, then pulled out the packet of frankincense and myrrh. She poured it into her hands, then crept forward. She stopped before the golden creature, a good six feet away. Though this mount was smaller than the others, it was by no means tiny.

When Valentine stilled, the horse raised her head.

What do you want, mortal? The voice sounded like a crack of lightning in her head. The eyes glowed with violet flame.

Author Bio:

Rebecca Rook designs tabletop games, manages a little free library dedicated to sequential art and comics, and lives in the Pacific Northwest with two wonderful dogs. She writes young adult fiction in the fantasy, thriller, and horror genres.

A 2021-2022 Hugo House Fellow in
Seattle, WA, she also attended the 2021 Tin House YA Fiction Workshop in
Portland, OR. Rebecca was selected as one of the 100 invited writers to participate in the Write Team Mentorship Program’s curated Pitch-a-Thon event before being chosen as a Mentee for the 2021 Program. Prior to this, she completed the wonderful Yearlong Workshop for Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction at Hugo House.

Website / Goodreads / Instagram / TikTok

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Let’s Vote for March 2024 Monthly Book Selection: Her Palestine

As we get ready to embrace Women’s History Month, our reading journey takes us to the heart of Palestinian literature. This March, we’re diving into “Her Palestine!” – we are showcasing the works of female Palestinian authors. Their stories, steeped in rich cultural heritage and fraught with the complexities of their land’s history, offer us a window into the resilience and creativity of Palestinian women.

Remember, every vote counts and each title has its own unique voice, perspective, and message.

Here are the Rules for Voting.

1. You may vote for up to three (3) books.

2. You get to vote only once.

3. Last day to vote will be February 18, 2024 (10:00 pm Los Angeles time)

4. The book with the most votes wins. But if there is a tie there will be a 48-hour deathmatch. The two (or three) books will go into a head-to-head competition for only 48 hours. Whichever book is left standing (with the most votes) wins!

Below the poll, you will find the clickable covers of the books for more information.

*Note: If a book is found to have accumulated fraudulent votes, it will be disqualified and the second runner-up will be our monthly book selection.*